How To Do Twitter Marketing Campaigning ?

twitter marketing

Before you read this ,this is not a marketing or promotion post of any product ,mostly in social media we see twitter as a strongest for the art of engagement and communication, often I have seen many organizations use twitter as its main customer engagement platform.Twitter has gained so much importance lately due to its ability to connect ,every organization is trying to use twitter as its marketing strategy,to enhance customer engagement best twitter marketing strategy is needed.

I was searching for good tools for twitter marketing where I can send auto responder messages and DM to my followers and explore some more.

I found ,best available tool for the twitter marketing campaign .

Socialomate helps to achieve your twitter marketing goal by,

  • welcoming followers and discovering their interests when they start following you,
  • sending messages & campaigns to promote special contents, events or offers, coupons.
  • Tracking your campaign
  • Analyzing the customer behavior


How I can use it ?


                You can use auto responder ,where you can send set of messages to all of your new followers .


You can create a campaign where ,you can send messages to all of your followers and you can    schedule it .

Twitter Marketing


When you use twitter as marketing effort , don’t forget to closely monitor it .Twitter marketing changes according to goal ,Iyou can use twitter for lead generation and branding perspective.

Case study: Twitter Branding, Power of twitter unleashed


Use of twitter is increasing continuously due to its integration power and simplicity, marketers are aware about such huge number of audience present on twitter and they are continuously exchanging tweets and sharing contents.

Here for example I have analyzed hash tag #ipl5 for last 24 hours and here is the report of that,

1,500 tweets generated 1,643,744 impressions, reaching an audience of 633,461 followers within the past 24 Hours,


Top 10 by number of impressions

  1. headlinesindia: 553,581
  2. httweets: 365,078
  3. missmalini: 70,628
  4. rcbtweets: 60,745
  5. jhunjhunwala: 45,194
  6. chikniragini: 34,580
  7. sexybichoo: 30,016
  8. thatstamil: 19,016
  9. thecomicproject: 17,858
  10. uksportstvguide: 15,635

Top 10 by number of tweets

  1. redwoodfbd: 66
  2. gp545: 36
  3. yogitasisodia: 30
  4. headlinesindia: 27
  5. _ipl_: 18
  6. hilariousmuch: 18
  7. akghosh84: 14
  8. prathimaram: 13
  9. avid__dreamer: 13
  10. harshu1991: 13

it shows if any digital marketer tries to branding or traffic generation he can effectively run contest or monitor users and can pull the great traffic and hence can increase the awareness .