How To Increase Your Klout Score by 20 % In One Day

increase klout score

Klout score has been a really buzz in social media world since last year and its attractive calculation algorithm impressed to everyone ,many individuals do check about their klout score as a measurement of engagement to the social media.I will tell you some of methods that I have used to increase klout score.

But,does klout score really matters?  my answer would be “No” ,klout has not revealed its original calculation model and I personally think we don’t need this,When you sign up for klout ,you get one particular estimated hypothetical score which is way exaggerated ,later as you keep engaging with social world it measures your reach and accordingly your score increases.

Do you think network reach matters more? seriously it doesn’t matter here ,what klout has specified it depends upon the engagement but let me tell you there are so many customer relations twitter accounts ,news channels account which has less klout score than others .

Klout score is just segragation according to your capability of engagement and your social media strength,we fimly belive klout score is depends on

  • Network
  • Reach
  • Influence 

So if you are engaing with people more ,you are likely to increase  klout score .

I my case ,I just signed in 15 days ago to see the various ways to increase klout score ,believe me you can increase klout score by anything .Earlier they assigned my klout score as 46 then I started engagement and hence it started increasing when I engaged with more people it jumped ,let me tell you truth on 26 Sept my klout score was 57 and on 27 Sept my klout score was still 57 with one day increase by 7,hence we can see that if have any abnormal behavior in our engagement our klout score will not increase .


Ways to increase Klout Score :

  1. Use your favourite social media channel mostly like twitter, facebook
  2. Share news and status wisely so more people will engage with it
  3. Use facebook search for the topics that you love and join some groups on facebook and start discussion in group it will increase your engagement with large extent.
  4. Like celebrities facebook pages and comment on their post and pics and if possible do tag yourself s o that you will directly engage to all fans .
  5. Use twitter hash tags for better searches and reply to public tweets more and more and re-tweet them and hence you will be engaged more.
  6. reply to news tweets so often it will increase your conversation and hence engagement
  7. Don’t change your engagement pattern like more posting same time and then suddenly decreasing it ,if you post a single post also it matters a lot .
  8. Share some celebrities picture on your wall daily
  9. Try to engage with people those has good Klout score.

I hope these tricks will help you to increase your Klout score ,but still I have a question Does klout score really matters?

How to prepare Social Media Plan

how to prepare social media plan

 It is very important to prepare a good social media plan before execution of any social activities; there are so many tools available to monitor social media activities in my previous post i have given some of tools which I like most.

Social media plan totally depend on the clientele, nature of business and goals of that business. Work on first what would be the goals of that plan e.g. increase conversion, branding, lead generation etc.

After you decide about your goal then accordingly you create proper segmentation of social networks for that.

then you move to analysis of business and its target audience and by doing this you will come to know approximate ratio of likes ,followers or influencers then you go to social network study where you apply worthiness of each network to that business and accordingly you formulate strategies for that

Decide the influence level of each social network and measure it ,run some campaigns of twitter by using SOCIALOMATE .

You can use following social networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Quora
  • Pintrest
  • FourSquare
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Yelp
  • Tumbler
  • Instagram

You can use klout to measure that but it has more cons than pros we can easily cheat to klout and still measurement is not that much effective but we don’t have any good option though so we can measure by this .


Finally any social media plan will talk about you so it is very important to have a quality over quantity and always be focused on your goal.