SEO Strategies For New Sites

SEO Straegy For New Site

If you have just created site and looking for to get some new a very good related traffic to your site then you need to follow some basic SEO strategies to make your site more relavant and enaging. There are some basic requirement to have the best search presence for your site.

  • On Page Optimization

A basic on page optimization is very necessary to have a very good competitive advantage over your competitors. You need to consider SEO guidelines before even starting to code for your website. Things that you should check while drafting a website plan are,

  • A proper navigation
  • Avoiding extra css and unwanted code
  • Image dimensions and alt tag for every image
  • A proper Meta tags for every page
  • No w3c errors
  • No broken links
  • Xml Sitemap for your website


To check all your basic on page things and page speed recommendations go to GTmetrix to check all the details they have a very good report which shows all recommendations and also gives ready-made code to put in your website.


  • Off Page Strategies

You can start off page strategies even when your site is not ready for users. The best thing to do here is to have the special landing page. It make sense to have such page where people come to know about what you are doing and may have some sales promotion strategies to early visitors. You can start building links to this special landing page and it will boost your domain authority and will help you to get an extra edge for an SEO.

You can follow some of the following strategies as soon as your site is ready

  • Check for keywords where your competition is low and try to optimize your site around those keywords so that you can rank for these keywords in a short time
  • Write blogs around these keywords and link your main site in it
  • Create some videos explaining your service or product and try to rank them.
  • Write some articles and submit it some very good directories
  • Submit your site in a proper directories

These are a very basic strategies that you need to follow to get an early boost for SEO.

Best Backlink Building Strategy :Do follow Blogs

do follow blog

Mostly do follow blog commenting is used as one of the backlink generation strategy,there are many do follow blogs ,they do write about particular segment ,being a SEO professional we should know ,where we are targeting ,which are the pillar keywords and some regular basic about that segment or industry .

As we are seeing there is great increase in number of spam comments and nowdays do follow blogs are decreasing in number .It is best way to find such good do-follow blogs and do a genuine commenting ,there are many tools used to avoid such spamm comments ,wordpress has its inbuilt tool for that .

If somebody is smart enough ,he/she can find such good do follow blogs ,follows them and can post their comments regularly,for that you should have some general knowledge about that segment.

How to find Dofollow Blogs ?:

There are many methods to find the do follow blogs online ,by using Google we can find such blogs.

1) You can go to any blog you wish for and view their source code and from source code search for the

rel=”nofollow” if it is not their then this is do follow blog .

2) You can search it by the following tool this is best ,I have used it since long ,


Remember : Do-follow blogs does not allows spammy comments ,,just comment normal and always keep in mind this is the number one method for back links generation ,often such comments become nofollow later ,search engines are treating them as a Nofollow links .

I have used these ways twice in a week and not posted on many blogs,My strategy is find a niche and use these blogs only ,read regularly and comment them ,here you can get additional promotional advantage .

Keep Commenting ,Bye 🙂