Why Keywords are important in SEO ?

Keyword in SEO is the very important thing that one should really care about and it is basis on which all things are done to perform well in SEO.

A good web page should contain the information that people are looking for. So, while developing the content of any web page its really important to find out the important keywords and then to put them in the content of the web page. Basically the keywords can be found easily when u will view as a user or visitor of the web page, find out how the visitor will use the search terms and those search terms will become your most important keywords.

Keyword research is very time consuming but if done right, will provide your website a continuous flow of quality targeted traffic. Using the best keywords to describe your web site helps get those searchers to visit your website. In information retrieval a keyword is a word or phrase which describes a concept found in a document.

There are many tools that are used for keyword research, we can use Google AdWards and insight for that to find how much traffic is? And how the current trend .We is should check our keywords effectively and accordingly we write content for site.

E.g. if we are developing a site for say a website development then most of the keywords would be

It shows

  • Regional Interest
  • Top searches
  • Rising Searches



Hence we can come to know that from which geographical region searches are more and we can target more for that region as our prospective customers.



Keyword Density :

Keyword density is  number of times a particular keyword is used in our site ,there is no very hard rule for how much density we should have ? best practice is that we follow 8-9 % density for a particular keywords .

There are many tools those can be used g=for finding keyword density ,my best is from seo book

Keyword density checker