Tips to increase website speed |web load optimization

increase website speed

Many times website speed matters to get higher page rank and page which loads with short time becomes a popular and has minimum bounce rate ,it matters a lot when you have a mobile version of site .We can optimize web speed by various ways and there are many ways to do this .

1)      Reduce Number of HTTP request :

To load a normal webpage it makes a number of http calls to site and gathers a lot of data ,to pull this data browser make lots of request to independent objects on site say scripts ,images and other objects .We can reduce number of these request by BROWSER CACHING.It will increase your website speed by fetching cached resources.

Browser Caching:

Browser caching is the caching of web documents to minimize bandwidth usage, server load,. A web cache stores copies of documents passing through it; some request can be satisfied by temporary itself.

In browser caching it does a cache of static contents it can be done by setting up a maximum expiration header to http header and hence static objects can be cached to browser level only, if somebody visit site again then these static documents are loaded from local machine and hence it reduces a http request and greater speed can be achieved. It can referred as a temporary record of your static contents.


Cache-Control: max-age=2592000

To know more about http headers Click here

2)      Image Optimization :


We can optimize images for their sizes and large size image can reduced to 20-50Kb .

There are many online tools that can optimize images online.


I have used Image optimizer since long .


3)      Compression :

Using Gzip or deflate compression can save a tons of bytes and also speed will boost .


To do above with best effective manner ,I have used GTmetrics for a long time and guess what this is the best web speed optimization tool available .


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