Lead Generation Through Social Media


social mediaSocial media has become major attention area in marketing industry now a day’s .Social media is used as bridging gap between customer and organization and it enhanced the speed of communication.

Most of the brands invest a lot in social media as it is very useful in targeting communication.

One can generate lead through social media also which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Methods of Lead Generation:

  • Create dedicated brand page on Facebook and have it well designed.(you can look coco-cola fb page for same )
  • Use some dedicated promotional campaigns for FB fans only.
  • Share coupons for fans only
  • Use public post search option from Facebook to see for targeted phrase (e.g if you are designer then you can search for public post for “looking for designers” phrase )
  • Use Twitter to connect companies related to your area so you can get recent updates and requirements from them
  • Use twitter phrases for search where you can search for different search phrases like(looking for web designer, looking for web etc.)
  • You can release your documents, promote blog posts through twitter it enhances fan base and ultimately it can generate leads for you.
  • LinkedIn has dedicated groups for that, simplest way is to join some related groups and start engaging with other users.
  • LinkedIn is the most used lead generation platform for most qualified leads.

Social media gives you the real time analysis for user behavior; you can analyze social media with help of third party tools like Social mention, topsy etc.

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