Importance of Press Release for SEO

press release

A press release is all about the publicity that you can do for your online business. This is the best online branding strategy and helps to increase web traffic. The trick is in making use of all the publicity tools including press releases in the correct way to draw attention to your site. Publishing press releases on the web is one great way of going about the successful publicity of your site.

Its not about only posting and distributing press releases for sake of SEO but it is very important to know the art of writing it ,very often readers may miss out some good information about your news and hence to have a proper communication and reach you should write your press release in very well manner.

The first and foremost rule of writing a good press release is that the information that you give throughout the press release must be newsworthy. Who will even read the press release that you have written if the information is not newsworthy? Remember, your press release must not sound like an advertisement. Rather it should be newsworthy information about the product or service you are offering to customers. There is a very thin line between writing about your site and the write up not appearing as advertisement of your business.

Benefits to SEO:

  • It increase keyword targeting and may push the relevant keywords.
  • Anchor texts can be used to target only specific keywords
  • Increases Web traffic
  • Its very good link building strategy also

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