Turn Twitter into Lead Generation Machine

Lead generation with twitter

As social media is evolving at fast rate, business professionals are looking for new ways for lead generation these days. If you are talking about lead generation then first things comes in our mind is Email marketing and cold calling. With the help of social media we can leverage the power of it for lead generation.

For B2B lead generation now day’s people are using Twitter and LinkedIn very effectively with much targeted approach.


Key findings:

Twitter users visit B2B tech brand sites at a higher rate (59%) compared to average Internet users (40%), illustrating the strong presence of a B2B audience on Twitter.

Twitter users search for B2B tech brands at a significantly higher rate (30%) compared to average Internet users (12%). In other words, Tweet exposure has a positive influence on brand consideration.


From first finding it becomes very clear that most of the business persons use twitter and are actively engaging. Twitter comes with beauty of follow and limited character support that makes it very engaging and targeted. If you are really looking for B2B lead generation then twitter can help you for lead harvesting.

Keep Listening :

There are more than 3 million tweets are posted per minute ,lots are happening on twitter everyday .To start lead generation you have to be a good listener .try to listen ,what industry experts are saying ? Where is the trend? What people are retweeting ?

Once you define your target area to follow find some really good hash tags of it and follow them regularly.

E.g If you want to build leads for SEO try to follow #SEO tag, listen to what people are sharing and saying ? for newbies it will become somewhat difficult but have a patience once you get used to it then you will realize the actual fun of it.By listen on twitter you will come to know about some key people ,most talked content and some common problems.


Never Sell:

Do not try to sell product ore services without knowing the trend and user behavior of users. Often direct sales on twitter are not appreciated.

Follow Experts:

Follow some key people from your area, start engaging with them. Once you start engaging with some key people on twitter automatically it helps to exchange some information for lead generation, you can highlight your key strengths there.

Follow Competitors:

This is really good idea to follow your competitors with that you will come to know, what they are doing ? it will give early notifications to you for defining your best lead generation strategies.

Use Advanced Search:

With twitter advanced search you can segment geography and search tags ,always follow those search tags because this is your main focus area for lead generation.

Use Best Social Media Tools:

You should have some good social media tools for better social media management .I personally use Hootsuite & Tweetdeck for lead generation. You can have separate tans for keyword search so you can keep eye on everything around you.

E.g If you are generation leads for “mobile application development” you can use hootsuite to give you tweets these contain common phrases like “looking for mobile application”.”need mobile application ” etc phrases .All tweets will be type of leads most of them would be job listing where you can pitch for outsourcing etc.

Your Profile:

Before you start active lead generation on twitter, you should have following things

  • Complete bio for your company with the use of hash tags
  • Good number of followers
  • Quality content to share
  • Good twitter background
  • Good Header image


Start twitting often, follow people, talk a lot and engage to user. You can use twitter as a lead generation tool with above strategies.

How To Do Twitter Marketing Campaigning ?

twitter marketing

Before you read this ,this is not a marketing or promotion post of any product ,mostly in social media we see twitter as a strongest for the art of engagement and communication, often I have seen many organizations use twitter as its main customer engagement platform.Twitter has gained so much importance lately due to its ability to connect ,every organization is trying to use twitter as its marketing strategy,to enhance customer engagement best twitter marketing strategy is needed.

I was searching for good tools for twitter marketing where I can send auto responder messages and DM to my followers and explore some more.

I found www.socialomate.com ,best available tool for the twitter marketing campaign .

Socialomate helps to achieve your twitter marketing goal by,

  • welcoming followers and discovering their interests when they start following you,
  • sending messages & campaigns to promote special contents, events or offers, coupons.
  • Tracking your campaign
  • Analyzing the customer behavior


How I can use it ?


                You can use auto responder ,where you can send set of messages to all of your new followers .


You can create a campaign where ,you can send messages to all of your followers and you can    schedule it .

Twitter Marketing


When you use twitter as marketing effort , don’t forget to closely monitor it .Twitter marketing changes according to goal ,Iyou can use twitter for lead generation and branding perspective.