Tips to increase website speed |web load optimization

increase website speed

Many times website speed matters to get higher page rank and page which loads with short time becomes a popular and has minimum bounce rate ,it matters a lot when you have a mobile version of site .We can optimize web speed by various ways and there are many ways to do this .

1)      Reduce Number of HTTP request :

To load a normal webpage it makes a number of http calls to site and gathers a lot of data ,to pull this data browser make lots of request to independent objects on site say scripts ,images and other objects .We can reduce number of these request by BROWSER CACHING.It will increase your website speed by fetching cached resources.

Browser Caching:

Browser caching is the caching of web documents to minimize bandwidth usage, server load,. A web cache stores copies of documents passing through it; some request can be satisfied by temporary itself.

In browser caching it does a cache of static contents it can be done by setting up a maximum expiration header to http header and hence static objects can be cached to browser level only, if somebody visit site again then these static documents are loaded from local machine and hence it reduces a http request and greater speed can be achieved. It can referred as a temporary record of your static contents.


Cache-Control: max-age=2592000

To know more about http headers Click here

2)      Image Optimization :


We can optimize images for their sizes and large size image can reduced to 20-50Kb .

There are many online tools that can optimize images online.


I have used Image optimizer since long .


3)      Compression :

Using Gzip or deflate compression can save a tons of bytes and also speed will boost .


To do above with best effective manner ,I have used GTmetrics for a long time and guess what this is the best web speed optimization tool available .


To visit Gtmetrics click here

List of Do Follow blogs to Generate Back Links

do follow blogs

To generate most effective backlinks here are the some do follow blogs and forum could be used for the commenting ,do remember only choose relevant category blogs only .Here is the list I used mostly for Blog commenting with high page rank above 5&6.



Here you can find some of .edu links those are really priceless backlinks but it takes a lot of experience and depth to drill down it .

Keep commenting 🙂

Best Backlink Building Strategy :Do follow Blogs

do follow blog

Mostly do follow blog commenting is used as one of the backlink generation strategy,there are many do follow blogs ,they do write about particular segment ,being a SEO professional we should know ,where we are targeting ,which are the pillar keywords and some regular basic about that segment or industry .

As we are seeing there is great increase in number of spam comments and nowdays do follow blogs are decreasing in number .It is best way to find such good do-follow blogs and do a genuine commenting ,there are many tools used to avoid such spamm comments ,wordpress has its inbuilt tool for that .

If somebody is smart enough ,he/she can find such good do follow blogs ,follows them and can post their comments regularly,for that you should have some general knowledge about that segment.

How to find Dofollow Blogs ?:

There are many methods to find the do follow blogs online ,by using Google we can find such blogs.

1) You can go to any blog you wish for and view their source code and from source code search for the

rel=”nofollow” if it is not their then this is do follow blog .

2) You can search it by the following tool this is best ,I have used it since long ,


Remember : Do-follow blogs does not allows spammy comments ,,just comment normal and always keep in mind this is the number one method for back links generation ,often such comments become nofollow later ,search engines are treating them as a Nofollow links .

I have used these ways twice in a week and not posted on many blogs,My strategy is find a niche and use these blogs only ,read regularly and comment them ,here you can get additional promotional advantage .

Keep Commenting ,Bye 🙂

Why Keywords are important in SEO ?

Keyword in SEO is the very important thing that one should really care about and it is basis on which all things are done to perform well in SEO.

A good web page should contain the information that people are looking for. So, while developing the content of any web page its really important to find out the important keywords and then to put them in the content of the web page. Basically the keywords can be found easily when u will view as a user or visitor of the web page, find out how the visitor will use the search terms and those search terms will become your most important keywords.

Keyword research is very time consuming but if done right, will provide your website a continuous flow of quality targeted traffic. Using the best keywords to describe your web site helps get those searchers to visit your website. In information retrieval a keyword is a word or phrase which describes a concept found in a document.

There are many tools that are used for keyword research, we can use Google AdWards and insight for that to find how much traffic is? And how the current trend .We is should check our keywords effectively and accordingly we write content for site.

E.g. if we are developing a site for say a website development then most of the keywords would be

It shows

  • Regional Interest
  • Top searches
  • Rising Searches



Hence we can come to know that from which geographical region searches are more and we can target more for that region as our prospective customers.



Keyword Density :

Keyword density is  number of times a particular keyword is used in our site ,there is no very hard rule for how much density we should have ? best practice is that we follow 8-9 % density for a particular keywords .

There are many tools those can be used g=for finding keyword density ,my best is from seo book

Keyword density checker

Case study: Twitter Branding, Power of twitter unleashed


Use of twitter is increasing continuously due to its integration power and simplicity, marketers are aware about such huge number of audience present on twitter and they are continuously exchanging tweets and sharing contents.

Here for example I have analyzed hash tag #ipl5 for last 24 hours and here is the report of that,

1,500 tweets generated 1,643,744 impressions, reaching an audience of 633,461 followers within the past 24 Hours,


Top 10 by number of impressions

  1. headlinesindia: 553,581
  2. httweets: 365,078
  3. missmalini: 70,628
  4. rcbtweets: 60,745
  5. jhunjhunwala: 45,194
  6. chikniragini: 34,580
  7. sexybichoo: 30,016
  8. thatstamil: 19,016
  9. thecomicproject: 17,858
  10. uksportstvguide: 15,635

Top 10 by number of tweets

  1. redwoodfbd: 66
  2. gp545: 36
  3. yogitasisodia: 30
  4. headlinesindia: 27
  5. _ipl_: 18
  6. hilariousmuch: 18
  7. akghosh84: 14
  8. prathimaram: 13
  9. avid__dreamer: 13
  10. harshu1991: 13

it shows if any digital marketer tries to branding or traffic generation he can effectively run contest or monitor users and can pull the great traffic and hence can increase the awareness .

Competitor analysis using Google

Google can also be used for the effective competitor analysis and one can find competition and competitors by using effectively search queries.

e.g If we want to find a competitors for cloud computing and networking then we can find it by following way ,

some operators used here ,

inurl: sends urls which contains “given url”

intitle: sends title which contains typed keywords

“ ” : Searches for the exact phrase and returns online given phrases 




More commands for effective searching ,

    This command will display all pages of the SEO Optimization blog that are indexed in that search engine where we will perform the query.
    The link request command will display all sites that are linking back to SEO Optimization blog (NOTE: Google will not display ALL the pages that link back to the site, it will only display those sites that Google believes are related and the link gives some weight to the site to which is linked).
    Cache command can be used to find pages that have been cached previously by the search engine, it is usually used by Domainers that acquire expired domains to check what the domain was related about. (NOTE: If the site is live and the cache is still available it does not mean that the cache is accurate, you should check the last time cached date).
  • filetype:pdf
    Filetype operator is used when you want to find a certain type of file on the net, it can be combined with the exact match option to obtain results of files that have your keywords (Example: “make money online” filetype:pdf)
    The command will display results of sites/pages that have content related to the one that SEO Optimization blog has.
    The info operator will give you results of informations about blog (it will pretty much bring you the commands site: link: related: cache: and keyword/phrase exact match with the possibility just to click, and no need to write them in the input of the search engine)


How keywords can change SEO

Keywords are a query a user type to search something and Search engines use keywords when they include website in their search results. Keywords are very helpful for search engine ranking. Adding keywords to the content of website can improve its ranking, but overusing them can cause website to be banned for spamming. Using keyword is an art and effective use of keywords is a must for SEO.

For using some keywords to our website we should keep in mind

  • Relevancy
  • Density
  • Frequency

To know keyword density we can use following free tool from seobook

Keyword density checker

Keywords should be the relevents to the site and those are the basic tool to attract the right customers to website, so use of them decides the quality of its contents and popularity of site. There is no such a rule to how much we use a single keyword in content, normally using it to 7% is a best practice for SEO.

How can we use a keyword effectively?

We can use keywords in website to following areas:

1.       Domain:

In domain we can use our best targeted keyword, but if we don’t have such a domain then it does not affect that much

2.       Title:

In title tag keywords can be used effectively and that has a lot more importance

3.       Meta Description :

This is the best way to use our keywords, where your web page description is given remember to keep its size <200 words.

4.       Meta-Keywords:

In Meta keywords section we add such keywords those are used in content of our website, recent updates of search engine algorithms are not giving a importance to them nowadays but this is a good practice to have them.

5.       Body:

In body we write our main content and keywords should be used smartly to tell about the webpage and should have relevancy with Meta Description and Title.

Some Good Keyword Research tools are

  • Google Adwards
  • Google Insights
  • Wordtracker
  • SEO book Keyword analyzer
  • Semrush

Social Media changing the roots

90% executives use social media: Study

According to the study findings, 88% of executive’s in India use Social Media primarily as a tool for better professional networking, 75% chiefly for social networking, while 15% use it for finding new career or employment opportunities.

Companies are giving more attention to customer satisfaction than never before .We are seeing the growth of internet users and it is continuously increasing. The best thing about social media marketing is that it can turn communication into conversation. In other words, you move from indirect to direct communication to share and receive feedback, and directly communicate with your current and prospective customers. Social media websites are fun and people like to crowd in because they enjoy themselves there. That is where the opportunity lies for a small business to expand its marketing.

In India most of the sites visited are Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter .Young generation spends daily 1 hour an average on Facebook and engages in various activities. Most of the online organization are trying to attract such a huge market and increasing in E commerce activities simultaneously.

Executives use mostly twitter as a social media and research shows 90% of them use LinkedIn & Twitter.

Below is the Economic times article which shows increasing growth of online market in India .

Now on wards calling customer care would be outdated ,people are preferring twitter ,Facebook to contact company directly ,people are discussing about products ,brands and sharing each other’s view and this also helping to all organizations to connect with audience and listen reviews  .Social media is becoming market research tool for companies and they are finding it very helpful ,Currently big organization are increasing their attention towards social media in great extent .Certainly Social media is Changing its routes .




Search Engine revealed

When we want results about some keywords, we type in Google for that and Google shows some result according to similarity of the phrase, so search engines provide results for given phrases.

Search engines match queries against an index that they create. The index consists of the words in each document, plus pointers to their locations within the documents. This is called an inverted file. A search engine or IR system comprises four essential modules:

  • A document processor
  • A query processor
  • A search and matching function
  • A ranking capability


Types of Search Engines:

  • Crawler-Based Search Engines e.g Google ,yahoo
  • Directories e.d Dmoz
  • Hybrid Search Engines e.g Google
  • Meta Search Engines e.g Metacrawler
  • Specialty Search Engines e.g Fashion search ,Investment Search etc



What is SEO|Learn SEO Online P1

Here I am starting an online SEO learning series you can read this and can have some insights about SEO,to learn SEO online you just need some basic knowledge about web and how it works.

Nowadays in digital world SEO has gained more importance for promotion, it can be used as a powerful tool for Customer Relationship and Marketing.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO process starts a long before user enters a keyword into search engines search box ,That means when we search the query in the search engine ,We get the result on first page and by reading some descriptions we click on appropriate result shown by search engine .In SEO all efforts are done to get in these first TEN pages so that it can be noticed and could get maximum clicks and traffics .SEO is free and cost effective and it just follows some rule and remains consistent. Heat map of search result is shown below ,



From heat map we can see that click rate on first results are high so all efforts are made to get this rank.

How it works?

When we type keyword ,search engines searches pages those are relevant to this keyword and according to some rules it shows result .Process is explained below ,

When we type “online air tickets” in search Engine, results are shown like shown, Uppermost yellowish filled region is Sponsored Ads section, where Google shows sponsored result and those are paid .



After sponsored results Organic results are shown and those are according to ranks and domain popularity and links i.e. Page Rank.

Recent trends are showing increase in SEO activities many big giants are concentrating their attention towards it and way of doing work is also changing dramatically and its becoming part of Marketing activities.

Future of SEO:

In future of SEO most of the organization will look into this and SEO and SMO activities will be clubbed together we can see the spending forecast of online retailers as shown,


From above fig we can say that amount of online sales for US retail will be huge in coming years and these organizations will look into organic results.

Search spending US is shown below,



In future it will act as a very important tool for any organization.