SEO Strategies For New Sites

SEO Straegy For New Site

If you have just created site and looking for to get some new a very good related traffic to your site then you need to follow some basic SEO strategies to make your site more relavant and enaging. There are some basic requirement to have the best search presence for your site.

  • On Page Optimization

A basic on page optimization is very necessary to have a very good competitive advantage over your competitors. You need to consider SEO guidelines before even starting to code for your website. Things that you should check while drafting a website plan are,

  • A proper navigation
  • Avoiding extra css and unwanted code
  • Image dimensions and alt tag for every image
  • A proper Meta tags for every page
  • No w3c errors
  • No broken links
  • Xml Sitemap for your website


To check all your basic on page things and page speed recommendations go to GTmetrix to check all the details they have a very good report which shows all recommendations and also gives ready-made code to put in your website.


  • Off Page Strategies

You can start off page strategies even when your site is not ready for users. The best thing to do here is to have the special landing page. It make sense to have such page where people come to know about what you are doing and may have some sales promotion strategies to early visitors. You can start building links to this special landing page and it will boost your domain authority and will help you to get an extra edge for an SEO.

You can follow some of the following strategies as soon as your site is ready

  • Check for keywords where your competition is low and try to optimize your site around those keywords so that you can rank for these keywords in a short time
  • Write blogs around these keywords and link your main site in it
  • Create some videos explaining your service or product and try to rank them.
  • Write some articles and submit it some very good directories
  • Submit your site in a proper directories

These are a very basic strategies that you need to follow to get an early boost for SEO.

How Search Engines Work ?

Most of us use search engines every day to search about particular query and search engines return some best results those are relevant to that query.Here we will see how search engines works?

Search engines work in three different phases

1. Web Crawling

Web search engine stores information about webpages which they retrieve from html itself.These pages are retrieved by web crawlers most of time we call as Spider.Web crawlers crawls site and follows each indexed link of every site.You can restrict these web crawlers from robot.txt which is made for these web crawlers. These crawlers then extract all the information about web page from title ,meta tags, headings & content and stores in database.

When user types a search query then first of all search engines check results in database file if they have already incurred query ,Google uses cache mechanism for that where they store result of search queries to minimize time.Increased search relevance makes these cached pages very useful, even beyond the fact that they may contain data that may no longer be available elsewhere.


When a user enters a query into a search engine (typically by using key words), the engine examines its index and provides a listing of best-matching web pages according to its criteria, usually with a short summary containing the document’s title and sometimes parts of the text. The index is built from the information stored with the data and the method by which the information is indexed. Unfortunately, there is not one search engine that allows to search documents by date. Most search engines support the use of the Boolean operators AND,OR and NOT to further specify the search query. Boolean operators are for literal searches that allow the user to refine and extend the terms of the search. The engine looks for the words or phrases exactly as entered. Some search engines provide an advanced feature called proximity search which allows users to define the distance between keywords. There is also concept-based searching where the research involves using statistical analysis on pages containing the words or phrases you search for. As well, natural language queries allow the user to type a question in the same form one would ask it to a human. A site like this would be

Working of Search Engine is shown as below,

How Search Engine Work


The usefulness of a search engine depends on the relevance of the result set it gives back. While there may be millions of web pages that include a particular word or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular, or authoritative than others. Most search engines employ methods to rank the results to provide the “best” results first. How a search engine decides which pages are the best matches, and what order the results should be
shown in, varies widely from one engine to another. The methods also change over time as Internet usage changes and new techniques evolve. There are two main types of search engine that have evolved: one is a system of predefined and hierarchically ordered keywords that humans have programmed extensively. The other is a system that generates an “inverted index” by analyzing texts it locates. This second form relies much more heavily on the computer itself to do the bulk of the work.


This is the process by which post of the search engines work now a days though we see many changes in algorithm and searching mechanism ,every search engine is focused on relevancy and better load time.

How Web Crawler Work, Know about Web Crawler

Web Crawler is a part of search engines which crawls the web pages on internet and gathers necessary information about webpage. Web Crawler is type of bot which identifies urls to visit and according to list it visits these pages (we should have robot.txt file to allow or disallow crawling of webpages for Web Crawler).Web Crawler make visits and stores all necessary information about site like Meta description ,Title ,keywords etc.

When it comes to a particular webpage it makes a list of all the links of that page and arranges them into follow links and no follow links (these links have ‘rel’ tag associated with it e.g. rel=”no-follow”).It visits each and every page that is linked to your page.

web crawler


Always remember to avoid dangling link where crawlers go in infinite loop

e.g. If you have Page A and it contains link to Page B,if Page B also links to Page A ,so it becomes a infinite loop for web crawlers .


Focused crawling:

In focused crawling crawlers determine page content relevancy with query and downloads its information, it focuses only for relevant content and hence it is called as focused crawling. Many times what happens it crawl page after query so there might be possibility if using so predictor to predict the pages those are relevant to query.


Restricting Crawling:

Crawlers mostly want to look out for HTML properties and avoid internet media type. Mostly crawler requests HTML Head tags to fetch necessary resources  a crawler may examine the URL and only request a resource if the URL ends with certain characters such as .html, .htm, .asp, .aspx, .php, .jsp  or a slash.

URL Normalization :

Crawlers mostly normalizes url for avoid repeat visit to is also called as canonicalization

Following figure gives overall process of web crawling


web crawler process

Tips to improve web for Web crawlers :

  • Use xml sitemap so that crawlers will come to know about present pages and will reduce time for crawl
  • Use robot.txt files to have better security for the web ,so that web crawlers can be allowed or dis allowed
  • Link sitemap in robot.txt file so while reading crawlers can move to your sitemap
  • Use best internal linking structure
  • Update sitemap regularly

Advantages of SEO |Learn SEO P2

Advantages of SEO

Advantages of SEO

This is next post in learn SEO online series ,here we will see some advantageous of SEO for business and individuals .




As we know now a days every business is competing and nobody wants to be aside in each and every aspect of digital marketing, in organic online branding SEO comes first ,if you have a well-planned SEO strategy in place you can attract more visitors to your site and you can have the opportunity to convert them .



advantages of seo



SEO can benefit from small to large scale organization and we can take advantage of Google’s new SERP algorithm to show our website effectively,

Now days SEO does not mean to focus only on your website you can consider every social media platform you use to enage with customer .know where your customer visits ,what are there online characteristic ,this research will help you to have more clear SEO strategy and you can take benefit of SEO to combine all this.

E.g If we search for case shop in San Francisco ,we will get following results ,you can see how local shops get more visibility with google place optimization

 advantages of seo



Advantages of SEO :

Advantages of SEO totally depends upon your goal and strategy following are some advantages of SEO,

Cost-effective Customer Acquisition

Fixed Costs

Brand Visibility

Focus on Web Standards / Accessibility

Repeat Business

Customer Acquisition – Targeted Prospects

Focus on Unique Content

Credibility / Brand Perception


Good Quality Score to PPC

More visitors

Social Recognition


These are the advantages of SEO that we can leverage to enhance our business ,

What to look from best tools of SEO?

best Seo tool

Which are the best tools for the SEO?

To answer this question I have searched a lot and tried almost all the trial versions available on internet for so called best seo tools  and drawn some conclusions about what to look from best seo tool,

 Do we really need these tools?

This is more biased question to answer half right half wrong, we can use tools to do a mechanical task and some time consuming tasks but, none of the tool will replace the human intelligence.

According to the recent changes in Google Penguin and Panda, it becomes very difficult to have the right targeted campaign for the SEO.

What should you look from ideal (best seo)tool?

Ideal (best) SEO tool will simplify the your task and should have more focused approach in following functions

On-Page Suggestions:

  • Html suggestions
  • Meta Tag checking
  • Meta Keywords
  • Title optimization
  • Image Alt tag optimization
  • Web speed optimization
  • Content checking
  • Interlink checking
  • W3c Error checking
  • Sitemap

Link Building & Management

  • Link Analysis
  • Back link Checking
  • Broken link checking
  • Link suggestions
  • Link locator
  • Anchor Linking

 Competitor Analysis

  • Competitors from keyword
  • Competitor links
  • Competitor site report
  • Competitor backlinks
  • Competitor keyword ranking

Keyword Research & Analysis

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Keyword competitions
  • Specifying Generic, Specific and Long Tail keywords
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword Density analysis

Submission Tools

  • Directory submission
  • Article Submission
  • Blog commenting
  • Press release
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum postings

Performance Reporting

  • Keyword Tracking
  • ROI tracking
  • SERP results
  • Backlink Tracking
  • Web Traffic

Best tools for SEO

  • Web CEO
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • iBusiness Promoter
  • SEO Suite
  • SEO Toolkit
  • SEO Studio
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • SEO Administrator

I personally recommend never use tools for off page optimization ,on page it is fine and wise to use these tools but recent changes are affecting the off page optimization so it becomes very necessary to have best SEO approach for your site or you can be penalized by search engines.


How To Do Twitter Marketing Campaigning ?

twitter marketing

Before you read this ,this is not a marketing or promotion post of any product ,mostly in social media we see twitter as a strongest for the art of engagement and communication, often I have seen many organizations use twitter as its main customer engagement platform.Twitter has gained so much importance lately due to its ability to connect ,every organization is trying to use twitter as its marketing strategy,to enhance customer engagement best twitter marketing strategy is needed.

I was searching for good tools for twitter marketing where I can send auto responder messages and DM to my followers and explore some more.

I found ,best available tool for the twitter marketing campaign .

Socialomate helps to achieve your twitter marketing goal by,

  • welcoming followers and discovering their interests when they start following you,
  • sending messages & campaigns to promote special contents, events or offers, coupons.
  • Tracking your campaign
  • Analyzing the customer behavior


How I can use it ?


                You can use auto responder ,where you can send set of messages to all of your new followers .


You can create a campaign where ,you can send messages to all of your followers and you can    schedule it .

Twitter Marketing


When you use twitter as marketing effort , don’t forget to closely monitor it .Twitter marketing changes according to goal ,Iyou can use twitter for lead generation and branding perspective.

How To Increase Your Klout Score by 20 % In One Day

increase klout score

Klout score has been a really buzz in social media world since last year and its attractive calculation algorithm impressed to everyone ,many individuals do check about their klout score as a measurement of engagement to the social media.I will tell you some of methods that I have used to increase klout score.

But,does klout score really matters?  my answer would be “No” ,klout has not revealed its original calculation model and I personally think we don’t need this,When you sign up for klout ,you get one particular estimated hypothetical score which is way exaggerated ,later as you keep engaging with social world it measures your reach and accordingly your score increases.

Do you think network reach matters more? seriously it doesn’t matter here ,what klout has specified it depends upon the engagement but let me tell you there are so many customer relations twitter accounts ,news channels account which has less klout score than others .

Klout score is just segragation according to your capability of engagement and your social media strength,we fimly belive klout score is depends on

  • Network
  • Reach
  • Influence 

So if you are engaing with people more ,you are likely to increase  klout score .

I my case ,I just signed in 15 days ago to see the various ways to increase klout score ,believe me you can increase klout score by anything .Earlier they assigned my klout score as 46 then I started engagement and hence it started increasing when I engaged with more people it jumped ,let me tell you truth on 26 Sept my klout score was 57 and on 27 Sept my klout score was still 57 with one day increase by 7,hence we can see that if have any abnormal behavior in our engagement our klout score will not increase .


Ways to increase Klout Score :

  1. Use your favourite social media channel mostly like twitter, facebook
  2. Share news and status wisely so more people will engage with it
  3. Use facebook search for the topics that you love and join some groups on facebook and start discussion in group it will increase your engagement with large extent.
  4. Like celebrities facebook pages and comment on their post and pics and if possible do tag yourself s o that you will directly engage to all fans .
  5. Use twitter hash tags for better searches and reply to public tweets more and more and re-tweet them and hence you will be engaged more.
  6. reply to news tweets so often it will increase your conversation and hence engagement
  7. Don’t change your engagement pattern like more posting same time and then suddenly decreasing it ,if you post a single post also it matters a lot .
  8. Share some celebrities picture on your wall daily
  9. Try to engage with people those has good Klout score.

I hope these tricks will help you to increase your Klout score ,but still I have a question Does klout score really matters?

How to prepare Social Media Plan

how to prepare social media plan

 It is very important to prepare a good social media plan before execution of any social activities; there are so many tools available to monitor social media activities in my previous post i have given some of tools which I like most.

Social media plan totally depend on the clientele, nature of business and goals of that business. Work on first what would be the goals of that plan e.g. increase conversion, branding, lead generation etc.

After you decide about your goal then accordingly you create proper segmentation of social networks for that.

then you move to analysis of business and its target audience and by doing this you will come to know approximate ratio of likes ,followers or influencers then you go to social network study where you apply worthiness of each network to that business and accordingly you formulate strategies for that

Decide the influence level of each social network and measure it ,run some campaigns of twitter by using SOCIALOMATE .

You can use following social networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Quora
  • Pintrest
  • FourSquare
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Yelp
  • Tumbler
  • Instagram

You can use klout to measure that but it has more cons than pros we can easily cheat to klout and still measurement is not that much effective but we don’t have any good option though so we can measure by this .


Finally any social media plan will talk about you so it is very important to have a quality over quantity and always be focused on your goal.


Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


social media plan

Some best social media monitoring tools that I loved for the social media monitoring ,


Twitter account: HootSuite

Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Create custom reports from over 30 individual report modules to share with clients and colleagues. Track brand sentiment, follower growth, plus incorporate Facebook Insights and Google analytics. Draft and schedule messages to send at a time your audience is most likely to be online. HootSuite has the dashboard for your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. Hootsuite stand first in best social media monitoring tools as it has great campatibilty and analytics integration to monitor social media

Social Mention

Twitter account: socialmention

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content into a single stream of information. It allows you to track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors over one hundred social media sites and also one of the best social media monitoring tool which gives you overall insights of social media world.


Twitter account: socialpointer

SocialPointer is a real-time social media marketing platform for marketing agencies and individuals, It enables them to track, monitor and respond in real-time to relevant social mentions and user conversation. SocialPointer lets you monitor, listen, respond and engage.


Twitter account: socialseek

Get all the latest tweets, news, videos, photos, and more on any topic you want in one place. There’s a Socialseek site for everything and you can even make your own. I found some of the news sources other tools missed.


Twitter account: Twitter

Twitter Counter is the number one site to track your Twitter stats. Twitter Counter provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 14 million users. Twitter Counter also offers a variety of widgets and buttons that people can add to their blogs, websites or social network profiles to show recent Twitter visitors and number of followers.

Wildfire Social Media Monitor

Twitter account: wildfireapp

Measure your performance. Glean insights about the growth of your social media fanbase on the leading social networks. With daily tracking, you have visibility into growth trends small and large. Gauge your social media success against others in your industry by comparing your follower bases across the leading social networks. Alert system will inform you of meaningful trends and activity that’s relevant to your social presence.


Twitter account: SocialBro
Get accurate information about your community using different search criteria that will help you to make strategic and error-free decisions. Take advantage of knowing exactly who shapes your community: where your followers are from, which language they speak, their activity on Twitter, etc.


Twitter account: klout
Klout’s mission is to help every individual understand and leverage their influence. Klout measures influence in Twitter to find the people the world listens to. It analyzes content to identify the top influencers.

Importance of Press Release for SEO

press release

A press release is all about the publicity that you can do for your online business. This is the best online branding strategy and helps to increase web traffic. The trick is in making use of all the publicity tools including press releases in the correct way to draw attention to your site. Publishing press releases on the web is one great way of going about the successful publicity of your site.

Its not about only posting and distributing press releases for sake of SEO but it is very important to know the art of writing it ,very often readers may miss out some good information about your news and hence to have a proper communication and reach you should write your press release in very well manner.

The first and foremost rule of writing a good press release is that the information that you give throughout the press release must be newsworthy. Who will even read the press release that you have written if the information is not newsworthy? Remember, your press release must not sound like an advertisement. Rather it should be newsworthy information about the product or service you are offering to customers. There is a very thin line between writing about your site and the write up not appearing as advertisement of your business.

Benefits to SEO:

  • It increase keyword targeting and may push the relevant keywords.
  • Anchor texts can be used to target only specific keywords
  • Increases Web traffic
  • Its very good link building strategy also

My suggestions:

ü  For free press release I used most of the time it is very good and have good PR also

ü &  are also very good for free and paid distribution.

ü  For paid I have used one of the best service available on internet has too many syndicated site and gets very good reach though.